If the Site C dam is built….

The B.C. government has refused to allow the B.C. Utility Commission to review the project, and no effort has been made by this government to consider other sustainable energy sources.

Graham_Osborne_Peace River, northern British Columbia, BCThis part of the Peace Valley would be flooded if the Site C dam is built

Peace River, northern British Columbia, BC

This part of the Peace Valley would be flooded if the Site C dam is built

             Heavy hitters line up against Site C

While the alliance has suffered some recent setbacks, it continues picking up big backers. Early in July, the Metro Vancouver board overwhelmingly voted to call on Christy Clark to institute a two year moratorium on the project, given the lack of business case, demonstration of need, and consideration of vast impacts on prime agricultural land. The First Nations’ Leadership Council – which represents all three major Aboriginal leadership groups in BC – has also come out swinging for Treaty 8 and its allies, calling for a halt to planned construction while various court cases are in progress. “The provincial government seems to have tunnel vision when it comes to building this project. Pushing ahead with construction activities at this time is premature and dishonourable,” said Robert Phillips of the First Nations Summit political executive.

“All citizens of BC should be deeply concerned; by denying the Treaty 8 First Nations their day in court, the government is making an outright statement that they are above democratic rights and the judicial system.”

Meanwhile, the BC Government and Service Employees’ Union added their hefty support to the First Nations and landowners’ battle against Site C this week.

“The battle to save the Peace River is one of those fights that absolutely need to be won,” added Grand Chief Stewart Phillip of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. “As far as I’m concerned, this project is never, ever going to happen.”


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