David Wilcock and Corey Goode on Jimmy Church’s FADE to BLACK 8-24-15

A amazing story to hear

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corey_david_gaiam_snip_auto_adjust_320This was posted at the end of page 2 of David’s latest article. David and Corey come in on the show at about 35 minutes.

Here’s the Jimmy Church Radio page for this.


[DW] Here is a working link to the audio from our show — for those who didn’t catch it. Our part of the show begins slightly after the first 30 minutes:

Ep 310 FADE to BLACK w/ David Wilcock and Corey Goode
[Kp note: pardon but I cannot embed the plugin]

If you would like to see the first two episodes of our TV show, Cosmic Disclosure, free of charge, go to http://www.blueavians.com.

Your subscription gets you over 130 episodes of my show Wisdom Teachings, just as many of George Noory’s show (including a stunning interview with Corey), two seasons of my interview show Disclosure, and now this!

We will continue working on the rest of…

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