The Alien Assortment File

energy light wave
❄ • ❇ Energy light wave’s Everywhere Jump on and go for Love❄

ufo  ?

the Watch-full eye

Wave bubble…

Watch the videos and judge for yourself

Many blends into unknown dimensions and spiritual conditions to the theme Ancient Aliens. There is also a growing ecstatic rush after achieving such realities, before they understand how rich and beautiful the 3D reality is where they already are. We are only settlers in our 3D world, and many will flee even before we know how our reality works . Why can’t we at least accept the obvious fact, that material 3D Aliens from Ancient time traveled from there 3D solar system to this 3D world for to create us 3D people in our 3D reality? Some are telling about Aliens who can walk through walls, but radio waves can do it as well and that does not mean that radio waves are from another dimension. I miss a more concrete and less vague attitude to our ancient mysteries, and our future relationship to the outcome of the whole thing.

strange  pictures

The Reason NASA Never Returned To The Moon (Full Documentary)

Thomas Castello, A Dulce Base whistleblower

Nephilim giants or tall people ?

The Best UFO Footage Of 2015. (January and February)

UFO Sightings 10 Bizarre UFO Encounters! Shocking Accounts 2015


Of course, non-believers were quick to search for reasons why this abduction, like any other, lacks credibility, but could come up with no more than a handful of highly dubious ones.

“Massive UFO Photographed On Back Of Moon” From Robert Morningstar …

Jan 3, 2010 – 20 posts – ‎13 authors

Read the whole story soon on UFO Digest as “Odyssey Two” Begins … I wrote to rense to tell them the above and I sentRobert Morningstar a….

ROBERT MORNINGSTAR interview – UPDATED WITH ……/2415-robertmorningstar-interview-no…

6 days ago – WITH JIM FETZER, JIM MARRS AND ROBERT MORNINGSTAR, HOSTED BY … with the dark side of the ufobig picture, going down the rabbit hole for 19 years.

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