How the orgone devices work

Orgone Generators change negative energy from microwaves, TV’s, cell phones, computers, fluorescent lighting, automotive wiring, large electrical structures, high voltage lines and step-down electrical transformers, etc. into pure or positive life energy.

Positive Orgone is also known as Chi(China), Prana(India), and Ki(Japan).

The basic and simplified theory of how the orgone devices work is that the negative energy is attracted into the device by the organic component and then it gets bounced back and forth between the resin and suspended metal particles. Crystalline structures within the mix cause the energy to get organized and re-radiated as a positive, clean energy.

All living organisms find positive orgone beneficial to health and wellbeing.

Orgone energy is an energy present around us and within any object.

Don Croft invented this orgone device which is based on Wilhelm Reich’s research, to purify energy fields (natural or man-made). They are not dangerous. They give off life-enhancing energy to which all life forms react positively.

What makes the FDA’s attack and the unethical judicial malpractice which led to the book-burning all the more outrageous is the equally breakthrough nature of Reich’s last years of research. His later work into the properties of the orgone energy suggested new methods for detoxifying radioactive waste, in what he called the Oranur Experiment. He developed the Orgone Motor, a small electrical motor which ran directly from the background ocean of orgone energy. He developed a new understanding of weather based upon orgone energy charge variations in the atmosphere, and a new technological approach, via Cosmic Orgone Engineering (CORE) or Cloudbusting (not to be confused with the insanity found all over the internet – see here), by which copious rains could be triggered, droughts and forest fires ended, and deserts greened. He made observations of silent UFOs while engaged in a desert-greening project near Tucson, Arizona, speculating they were powered by the same cosmic energy which silently turned his orgone motor. And that led him towards an orgonomic understanding of gravitation.

Most all of Reich’s experimental work has been scientifically verified, some of it at my own institute, the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon on the West Coast USA. Reich’s original discoveries, apparatus and documents are also preserved by the Wilhelm Reich Museum and Trust on the East Coast, in Rangeley Maine. Reich’s original discoveries are also presented, without compromise or dilution, in various summer educational laboratory seminars offered periodically by OBRL.

In particular, we welcome younger scientists and students to take an open-minded look at this important body of discovery. In addition, there are many books available on these subjects. My own contributions include: The Orgone Accumulator Handbook,, Heretic’s Notebook: Emotions, Protocells, Ether-Drift and Cosmic Life Energy,, and Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child-Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence In the Deserts of the Old World. This latter work was a 7-year global cross-cultural research project which evaluated Reich’s sex-economic hypothesis of human behavior, demonstrating the existence of uniformly peaceful human social conditions prior to c.4000 BCE … but that discussion must wait for another time.

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