Guide to YouTube Removals ✈ ☄ And Facebook

A nasty game they play when you just wanna have fun since Facebook just put hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.  So when you pay for likes  it just ain’t the way.  When you boost, the reach gets very small on the one that you don’t boost so its pretty grim when you cant get a hold of Him >

YouTube Removals and  how You cash in on your stuff If you want to?                 …..   I recon is a Copyright…..  ☄

This guide describes the three primary ways in which videos are blocked or removed on YouTube and what to do to get your content restored.

It is based in part on the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Guide to YouTube Removals, which, while now outdated, is also an excellent resource on this subject.

YouTube’s Terms of Service, Explained

If you don’t have the patience to read the YouTube Terms of Service, I recommend watching this entertaining, informative, and very straightforward video summary below. (It also gives a helpful overview of other legal considerations to consider anytime you publish a video to YouTube or other 3rd party platform.)

Source: Who Owns Your YouTube Video? YouTube Copyright & Ownership Answers
©, All Rights Reserved

… tube is there anyway to monetize the video, despite the fact that content id is monetizing the content already towards the original copyright holder?

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this is part of their service, if someone uploads your music to youtube, you get paid for it.
It’s a blanket claim, just dispute it and you’ll win. I’ve had it happen a few times

one does not own the rights, the creator does, so as long as you have their direct permission you will be fine.

If it gets rejected, appeal it and provide the licensing information you have from the artist. If this was a more informal thing, though, you are going to want to get something in writing to show to YouTube before you do this. Also, you can… get a lawyer involved..


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