Orgone devices generally have a working distance area.

 Valentine's Orgone Pyramids
Orgone Pyramids

Not all orgone devices clear chemtrails. Chem busters do. Never interfere with or brush against one while it’s working. While incidents are rare, anything from bruising to shattered bones can occur. Buy only from a trusted artist. I make these by special order only because they are not toys. Incidently…when you see chem. trails & you are not near a chembuster go outside or to a window and call out loud for the sylphs to come out to help break up the chem. trails. Call out to them, they are watching but only come to help if you ask them. They are other dimensional elementals that break down the toxic bonds & heavy metals, bio-toxins etc. in chem. trails. They bond them into safe elements and compounds. Go back outside after a few minutes and you will see an animal, usually a dragon in a cloud formation with it’s mouth open biting up the chem. trails leaving blue skies behind. Before you laugh this off & label me a looney just try it. I once had my doubts too. Sure it’s miraculous but isn’t your existence pretty miraculous too?

 Cates Park sky chemtrails and the Ironworkers Bridge
Cates Park sky chemtrails and the Ironworkers Bridge Vancouver BC

Hi–I happened on to your page because of a link from RMN. I had never heard of Sylphs before, but strongly believe in the Elementals.

About a year ago–I was looking up at a heavy laying down of Chemtrails–I live in So. Oregon and I was just sad and started to cry. At that moment I heard (in my head) the thought–we can help you, but you have to ask–free-will we can’t interfere. So I asked for this presence’s help in clearing the sky of Chemtrails. Then I heard the voice say–we can help you (meaning all human “you”) clear the chemtrails.

Although serious self doubt set in (and still does a year later even though it’s confirmed time and time again) I tried what the voice suggested. I asked for guidance and help from The Mother/Father God/Goddess, Elementals and all Light Beings (or whatever it is a person believes in). I asked that the trails be broken up and cleared and that the negative biologicals and energy be transmuted and dissipated.

I’ve since made up a little poem–a dumb one, but it works for me–“No more Chemtrails, not today. Make the Chemtrails go away. They will not stick, they will not stay. This will be a blue sky day.” I then got the thought to physically reach up on yank a piece out and when I did it–it worked–a piece came instantly out of the chemtrail and the whole thing started to dissipate. When new trails were laid down they dissipated almost instantly.

Not sure why but this only seems to work for a about a 24 hour period. I’ve never seen a Sylph–but your site explains a lot and this just makes sense. Since then I’ve modified my “poem.” I began noticing that after the CT dissipated, the days were clear and blue–unfortunately–we need rain and snow too. So I began asking for the CT to be removed and dissipated–but for whatever weather Earth and our locale needed was what should be.

I keep telling people about my experience hoping that they will try it too. A few have, but most just look at me like I need to be locked up. You may feel the same way, and that it okay, but I would sincerely hope that you at least try it before you knock it.

Thank you for your time and your work. Thank you to the Sylphs and all the Elementals.


Kim Ann Olson

 Valentine's Orgone Pyramid
Valentine’s Orgone Pyramid

Kind Orgone Helpful Tips!

Orgone & Orgonite are interchangeably used terms representing this type of healing device, however Orgonite(defined as a metal & resin combo) is a copyrighted term but is widely used by many creators.
Orgone devices with only crystals & resin are not proper Orgone devices. Orgone with only metal & resin is considered a proper device as metals originate in crystalline form. Devices containing both metal & crystals in proper proportion provide for expanded results adding the properties of the crystals, which under pressure from the resin release piezo-electric energy.
Most Orgone is hand-made piece by piece by smaller sellers, however devices are now being mass produced overseas in India/China that have reputations for using imitation crystals & unhealthy working conditions which some U.S. sellers buy these devices wholesale to resell. Best to ask the seller.
While most Orgone is attractive, you want to aim for maximum working ingredients for your device choice. Orgone with lots of free space, space filled with color dyes & little ingredients, or devices with lights that require free space to shine through will hinder the workability of the device & should be avoided. KindOrgone leaves little to no free space in our devices .
Combinations of magnetic(iron, steel, etc.) & non-magnetic(copper, brass, etc.) metals dispersed properly work well with the magnetic metals having a strong attraction for EMF(electromagnetic frequency) & non-magnetic working stronger on the energy broadcasting effect. KindOrgone avoids using aluminum as it carries its own frequency that is not very compatible with humans.
All types of crystals are fine for Orgone, with a proper metal ratio keeping them grounded & OK to mix various types. Tumbled stones direct energy out in a diffused form around the stone & raw or terminated crystals direct energy towards the points.
Some creators choose to include other additions that can add some subtle effects as well. KindOrgone adds some ingredients in smaller fashion such as seashells(crystalline by nature/carry fibonacci spiral & frequency of the ocean), sage(purifying effect) & plant seeds(stored energy) in some of our devices. Synthetics like glitter  or plastic designs should not be in a quantity that takes away from the ability to have working ingredients in its place.
Additions like copper coils & copper wrapped crystals can increase effects and can direct the energies. A general rule is to have the coil side with a clockwise rotation facing you & counter-clockwise facing away to have the healthy negative ions directed toward you & positive ions away from you. Many devices do not follow this practice.
Some creators choose to cure/dry their designs in the Sun or with a certain frequency playing in the background which is a beneficial practice to add a positive overtone. KindOrgone specializes in Black Sun devices that are either Sun cured or cured to the Sun’s frequency of 126.22Hz.
Orgone devices generally have a working distance area with some sellers over-quoting this range to increase attractiveness to buyers. Generally the larger the device the greater the range & creating a grid provides increased coverage. Think in terms of an air filter where the further away you get its reach is weakened. Many times, the price of a device does not necessarily reflect workability.
Orgone device shapes generally distribute the energy differently with spherical devices eminating all around the device & cones/pyramids directing energy to the points/sharp edges.
Always determine actual size, as pictures are deceiving with some devices listed in inches, centimeters, or millimeters. Some pictures are examples & received items may not be exact. When in doubt message the seller.
Many sellers can accommodate custom requests unless they are buying wholesale & just vend- never hurts to ask.
Measuring Orgone effects can generally be done using a water freeze test(freeze glass of water over your device) as depicted above showing a tornado like vortex in the glass of water(KindOrgone Black Sun used in test) or by measuring with an ion meter that should show an increase in proximity of the device. EMF meters are not applicable as energy cannot be destroyed only blocked or transmuted for which Orgone transmutes/transforms this harmful energy into a healthier/more compatible form for humans.
Thank you very much for viewing our guide

2014 10 08 Deep Cove sunset Chemtrails in N Vancouver BC
Chemtrails in N Vancouver BC

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