CBDs work better than Pharmaceuticals

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CBDs work better than pharmaceuticals  for treating epilepsy, seizures, neurological disorders and other serious health conditions (including HIV infections).

So the FDA has just launched a massive regulatory assault against CBDs by invoking the most insane logic you’ve ever heard.

The FDA just criminalized one of the most miraculous healing medicines in the world by handing it over to Big Pharma

In other words, the FDA just handed Big Pharma an absolute monopoly over CBDs (hemp oil extract) by ridiculously claiming such natural products are “adulterated” with molecules (CBDs) that the FDA says might one day become a drug.

“Drugs,” according to the FDA, are substances that are proven to treat, prevent or cure a disease, and thus the FDA’s own logic admits that CBDs must be able to treat, prevent or cure diseases, otherwise they would be useless as “drugs”.

But when a dietary supplement company makes the same claim, they are hit with aggressive warning letters from the FDA, threatening to shut them down, confiscate their products and seek criminal prosecution of the company executives.


Paintings require painters. Buildings require builders. Programs require programmers. DNA code requires an intelligent coder. Seeds are a gift from a Creator. When you stop being ashamed of your Creator or a plant called cannabis, the prohibition will cease to exist. Until then, evil will make corrupt laws about this plant.

God said, “I have given you every plant with seeds on the face of the
earth and every tree that has fruit with seeds. This will be for you to consume. Genesis 1:29


The body also produces its own cannabinoid chemicals. They play a role in regulating pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, body movement, awareness of time, appetite, pain, and the senses (taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight)


Elixirs will feel different from edibles and from smoking due to unique way the cannabis is delivered.

    1. Snake Oil (10ml/$60; 50ml/$285) Quadruple strength Hugz Hemp Oil. Good for absolutely EVERYTHING! Contains 80 mg/ml Honey Oil.
    2. Snake Bites ($10/each) Two full droppers of Snake Oil. Can be used all at once or portioned out.
    3. Hugz Hemp Oil (30ml/$45) Clear hemp oil infused with high quality honey oil. Place a small amount under your tongue and hold it there until gone for maximum effect. Can be used topically to treat pain and various skin conditions and as a massage oil. Can be put into food or as a tincture. Contains 20 mg/ml Honey Oil
    4. CBD Rich Oil($42/1ml;$120/3ml;$360/3x3ml) A whole plant, Isopropyl alcohol extraction. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level. This product has been shown to relieve spasms, seizures, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths. A good per day starting dose would be 0.5mg per pound. A 40lb child would start with 20mg per day, spread out in 3 to 4 doses. There is 300mg CBD in a 1ml tube. CBD is approximately 30% of total material.
    5. Rudy’s 420 Honey Elixer ($18/45ml; $42/110ml)Resealable glass jar. 1 tsp small dose. 1 tbsp medium dose. Three or seven tablespoons per jar. Use as desired.
    6. THC Oil($35/1mL)Made According to Rick Simpson’s Phoenix tears recipe. Lab tested 68.5% THC. Each line is 0.1mL and will deliver 6.85mg of THC. Effective for pain, nausea and insomnia. Higher doses may be required for those with cancer, extreme pain and or nausea. Can be used to add medicine to your own food and/or baked goods for an alternative intake method.


      1. Liberty Meds Canna Cacao Tincture ($32 /each) This tincture is made with cacao, which has the ability to boost and potentiate the effects of cannabis, and 95% grain alcohol. May promote and prolong the feeling of well-being that anandamide can induce. Start with very small doses, this is a new batch made with a higher concentration of cannabis. Just 1-2 quick sprays under the tongue or inside cheek. Alcohol based. Numbing effect very similar to orajel.
      2. Eve’s Tincture ($34/30ml) OrganicCannabis flowers and Italian Figs are infused into Vodka in this tasty and soul-warming tincture. May help relieve pain and muscle tension.
      3. Aphrodite’s Tincture ($40/30ml) A heart-warming Cannabis bud cold-infused into Bacardi 151 Rum and embellished with maple syrup, cinnamon and lemon. Use under the tongue or put into your hot drink. mmm


      1. Cannacaps (6caps/$8.50,30caps/$40) Encapsulated organic BC Triple ‘A’ cannabis with spirulina and organic olive oil. Use as desired.
      2. CBD Rich Caps($14/10;$67/50;$160/125)Decarboxylated and milled into a flour consistency and put into a capsule. 20mg CBD per 0.5g capsule. Specially formulated to have a high Cannabidiol level that has been shown to relieve spasms, inflammation, anxiety, and nausea. May be effective for treating signs and symptoms associated with some cancer growths.
      3. Heavenly Hash Caps ($15/5pack; $140/50pk) Hash in hemp oil in a gelatin capsule.
      4. Hybrid THC Caps ($22/10;$100/50) Made with a high-grade Rick Simpson inspired oil. Decarboxylated and infused into organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil then put into a gelatin capsule. May help to alleviate depression and provide an uplifting, energizing feel. Color coded with a white capsule. Capsules can be opened and put under the tongue for more immediate effects. May also be used as a suppository.
      5. Indica THC Caps ($22/10)Made with a high-grade Rick Simpson inspired oil. Decarboxylated and infused into organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil then put into a gelatin capsule. May help to alleviate pain and provide a good sleep. May also induce appetite and ease anxiety. Color coded with a blue capsule. Capsules can be opened and put under the tongue for more immediate effects. May also be used as a suppository.


      1. Shakti Healing Oil($16/25ml) Made with Cannabis flowers, Olive oil, Almond oil, Vitamin E oil, essentail oils of Ylang Ylang oil, and Rose. This beautifully scented oil can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema, or psoriasis, and can provide relief aching muscles.
      2. Holy Anointing Oil ($36/30ml)Organic Made with Mary Magdalene’s biblical recipe. Cannabis bud, Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Cassia and Myrrh infused into Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Also contains Almond Oil, Sunflower Lecithin Oil and Vitamin E for absorption into the skin. Can be used to anoint, or massage into the temples for an aromatic massage. Topical Use Only Refrigeration is recommended

MJ Creams are made with a neutral base cream (arTHrighteous cream on our menu), infused with Marijuana Resin, Hemp Seed Oil, and Essential Oils. They are used to treat the symptoms for a wide variety of skin and muscle conditions, providing relief from pain and inflammation.

    1. Pure arTHrighteous Cream ($22/42g; $42/140g) The “Pure” formulation contains no essential oils and is best for those who seek relief but are sensitive to the Essential Oils used in our other creams.
    2. Calm ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml) Infused with Lavender, Chamomile and Marijuana for a calming tonic cream. Soothes muscles, relieves irritation, reduces stress.
    3. Heat ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml) Infused with Cinnamon, Ginger and Marijuana for invigorating effects. Use to increase circulation, tighten skin, reduce pain.
      Warning! Do not apply to your face or to tender skin. Cinnamon and Ginger cause the skin to flush and may cause stinging.
    4. Pain ($42/100ml; $95/265ml) Infused with Arnica, Juniper and Marijuana for fast-acting relief from muscle pain, joint pain and inflammation.
      *Not for internal use.Arnica should not be applied to open cuts or open wounds.
    5. Skin ($22/50ml; $42/100ml; $95/265ml) Infused with Comfrey, Calendula and Marijuana to treat many skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis and acne .
    6. Lips Salve($6/4.5ml;$10/7.5ml) Beeswax salve infused with Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil and Marijuana Resin, to maintain lip health by preventing and treating cold sores and chapping.
    7. Oxum’s Honey Rose Edible Lube($32/50ml) Organic A beautiful massage oil and personal lubricant. Made with Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed Raw Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cacao Butter, BC Honey, Lecithin Oil, Vitamin E, Persian Rose Oil (Food Grade).
    8. Merry Jane’s Personal Lube($35/10mL) This intimate product is a wonderful addition to his or her personal play time, or enhanced pleasure with your partner. Made from Hemp Seed Oil and a high quality Cannabis Oil, just a littl’ bit will “dew” ya!




There are few topics more controversial in health circles than medical marijuana. To some, the cannabis plant provides a miracle treatment that can erase pain, ease nausea, reduce seizures and combat a long list of other serious health issues. To others, marijuana is an unproven, risky, illegal substance that can lead to long-term health problems.



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