❀ Friday the 13 Nov 2015 ❀

❀ Friday the 13 Nov 2015 ❀
The likely death of Mohammed Emwazi — widely known as “Jihadi John” — is the latest high-profile killing of a notorious terrorist linked to Islamist extremist groups that target Westerners.

Many of the top terrorists taken out by the U.S. in the past 15 years belong to al-Qaeda, its affiliates or offshoots, or more recently, the Islamic State.


All you have to do is look at his actions, the lack of correct words per the terror attack in Paris as well as many more examples. He wanted to remove all pork from federal prisons. He can not even voice the words “Islamic extremists,

My tax $$$ at work. Nice work guys, getcha case of beer for that one … ❀

Why we dont want to follow CNN
How the new is told

Why ? Because letting it happen perpetuates the perceived need for surveilance and continuing military operations globally by the imperialistic elite banksters. ❀ get with the news on FB and make a Decision …. https://www.facebook.com/mystic.a.rose.7/videos/10205423972420317/

They knew about the Attack in Paris one month before
It appears the PLS is these groups that should be monitored al well as Everyone else doing just about anything

Its    A police State is in the making

A very good question Is … ! Why is government bringing Islamic war torn nations refugees, 25,000 this year… In a year they can bring their family here, in matter of a few years there will be 4 Million More Syrians, Afghani, Pakistani, Islamization of Canada is real… as it is In Europe

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