Watchdogs in CSIS, CSE intelligence practices

Both of Canada’s spy agencies took serious hits to their credibility Thursday in a pair of reports that slammed the Communications Security Establishment for breaking the law and sharing Canadians’ metadata, and slapped the Canadian Security Intelligence Service with an accusation that it is not adequately dealing with insider threats.

A review by the Security Intelligence Review Committee, the board tasked with after-the-fact review of CSIS’s activities, suggested that the domestic spy agency had significant shortfalls in how it assesses insider threats and tracks and investigates breaches of secure information.

The report flagged multiple issues with how CSIS conducts internal investigations, particularly that employees are insufficiently trained to conduct investigations into the breach of secure information and how to conduct sensitive investigations, and stressed that there is a “haphazard application” of how the agency tracks who accesses sensitive information.

But since modern intelligence agencies are less siloed than those in the past, that could be a big problem, said one former spy.

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