Helping your brain with lifes Energy:]

Brains rely on a constant stream of nutrients, blood sugar and oxygen to produce energy that facilitates learning, thoughts and actions. Though the brain makes up about two percent total body weight, it requires about twenty percent of the body’s total oxygen intake.

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The following techniques can improve mental ability:

1. Travel new routes to inspire different thoughts.

Vancouver BC

2. Avoid being stuck in a rut. Visit new restaurants and experience the flavors of various cultures. Vary the places you vacation.

3. Socialize with intelligent people. Have in-depth discussions.

4. Ask questions and get answers, even if you have to look them up yourself.2015 11 17   N Vancouver   Mudflats   oil moon st

5. Sharpen your senses by noticing as many details as possible.2015 March 1st    N Vancouver apple tree Blue jay bird

6. Absentmindedness means the mind was not present on the matters at hand. “Be Here Now,” truly is good advice.

7. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” Learn experientially when possible.

8. Good posture allows energy to better move through the nervous system. gun guy odd

9. Exercise increases the body’s intake of oxygen and speeds up nerve impulses between brain cells. Work up a sweat three times a week.tree info

10. Read challenging things.Knowledge help

11. Use your nondominant hand for several minutes daily for simple tasks to stimulate different neural pathways.

It’s a perfect time to start something new as you know winter is coming.

12. Color therapists say yellow is cerebrally stimulating. Highlight important passages you read in yellow. Wear yellow. Use yellow decor in places where mental work is done.Garden Blooming Boxwood and Red hot Fire Pokers June 7 2004

13. Observe Nature.

14. Write down details – phone numbers, things to do and goals. Getting things out of your mind and onto paper helps free you for more creative endeavors. Keep an engagement calendar. Record flashes of brilliance and words of wisdom!   water consciousness earth life awake tag

15. When taking classes, sit in different places to gain different perspectives.

16. When attending lectures, take notes on key words and adhd drugs

17. When wanting to remember something, repeat it aloud to yourself. Visualize it being imprinted upon your brain.2015 09 11      sunset at the Shipyards dock

18. To remember names, associate the name with a picture. Visualize Bob turning into a bobcat. Right after being introduced to someone, use their name. “It’s nice to meet you, Denise.” If you don’t quite catch how to say their name, ask how to spell it.

19. When learning something important, with your mind’s eye, see yourself registering the information and filing it. Then practice retrieving it and refilling it.2015 10 13 dc sunset sky

20. Think positively. You’ll do better if you affirm “I can pass this exam” rather than “I’ll never make it.”Albert Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man alive. Einstein's reply was “I don't know, you'll have to ask Nikola Tesla

21. Do your best to avoid emotional stress.

Additude gorila
Nahh not me

22. Avoid damaging substances such as cigarettes, alcohol, pollutants and MSG. Some medications adversely affect the brain.Coconut Water Health

23. Studying before bed is said to be most effective.

24. Work in teams. Draw on the skills and ideas of your friends and co-workers. Brainstorming where you record wild thoughts and ideas often leads to fruitful concepts.odd ball

25. Break negative thoughts with diversion. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Go to a film.

26. Creative people usually retain a childlike quality. Play!

27. Visualization practices mental gymnastics. Einstein supposedly came upon the Theory of Relativity while visualizing flying along at the speed of light.

28. Play mentally challenging games like Chess or Scrabble.

29. Exercises to improve memory are called mnemonics where one makes up interesting information to help remember something. To remember the planets in their order of distance from the sun – M ary’s V iolet E yes M ake J ohn S tay U p N ights. P eriod!

30. Learn things of value for your entire life. Keep an open heart and mind. Be open to the possibilities!2015 11 15   N Vancouver Moon crane  n 1

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