Billions of dollars that have been paid out

The True History Of The Take Over Of America (Simplified-Overview)

The global elite are obsessed with implementing a One World Government in attempt to hide life changing technologies from the public eye.Ebola was first discovered in 1976,   Any weather control is very minor, and ISIS was probably started by Saudi Arabia, with US arms and money

These elite phoypaths plan to maintain a World Population Under 500 Million. This has been know for sometime as their depopulation commandments are on full display at the Georgia Guidestone monuments.

The take over of America goes back to War War II – The United States did not win the War. It was lost in the sea near Antarctica 1947.

How Did America Lose The War?

A year after World War II ended, the U.S. Navy when on a expedition call Operation Highjump. Admiral Richard Byrd, who led the Highjump expedition, had 13 ships, 23 aircraft, and 4,700 men.

It was the largest naval expedition to Antarctica ever!

The real reason for the expedition was to destroy a Nazi base that was discovered in Antarctica.

Unfortunately, the United States was not aware of Nazi backed engineered Alien technologies. The German anti-gravity airfleet easily destroyed the US Navy War Fleet. America’s final battle was lost and concealed from the public .

After the war the US made a deal and smuggle over Nazi scientist and began work on perfecting anti-gravity technologies. The Nazi Party needed the US corporate infrastructure to create and build the Dark Fleet Secret Space Programs.

Note: Many US government agencies have been infiltrated as the result of Operation Paperclip.

This was the genius of the mind control program MK Ultra and Milabs cloning operations developed by the Nazi scientist. Tragically – thousands of Americans have been abducted and tortured in these secret black projects. The CIA and other US goverment agencies have also been infiltrated.

We must understand humanities true history in order to defend against the enemy behind the Masquerade.

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There are now underground facilities worldwide and millions have been targeted based on blood type genetics. Many have been used in cloning experiments and other covert mind control operations. The CIA and the US military industrial complex are involved in many of false flag terrorist attacks we see portrayed in media.

President Eisenhower warn this was happening in his farewell address to the nation in 1962.

The US constitution has been executive order deleted in the name of national security. Anyone with half a brain knows 911 was an inside job.

The US Shadow Government is now autonomous tracking Americans illegally without the public knowledge. Corporate controlled intelligence agencies are now utilizing A.R.V anti-gravity technologies in commercial airplanes and stars disguised as UFOs as a cover for black projects. The boeing corporation is directly involved.

The FBI now owns 13 airline companies under fake names.

Many of these aircraft’s are control by artificial intelligence and have infected the worlds population with Nanorobotics technologies through chem-trail operations.

Can you Imagine what our technology would look like in 100 years from now?

Truth is sometime stranger the fiction. But, that is only part of the story..

The Medical Industrial Complex has also been infiltrated as medical schools have been indoctrinated into a medical paradigm funded by the Rockefeller foundation.This means Doctors working under this paradigm can No longer be trusted to give medical advice related to vaccination as the CDC have been exposed in a cover related to Autism.

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Millions of lifes have been affected by toxic adjuvants now being added to vaccines. Unfortunately, Doctors have been misinformed by tobacco science and are unaware of the Billions of dollars that have been paid out in federal vaccine injury courts. The Truth is Vaccines have, Handicapped, Paralyzed, Disabled and Killed in the name of Immunization.

” Must Watch videos ”

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Did you know vaccine manufactures are not required to use the same high standard testing as other pharmaceutical drugs. Vaccine are not double blind, placebo controlled tested.

We must understand vaccines are toxic by design, that’s how they work. If you think vaccines are safe I hope you enjoy being lied to, because vaccine have never been proven safe.

See The History Of Human Experimentation.
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Think about it — Why do you always see people posting on social media advising against vaccination?

Are Millions of people crazy?2015 09 15    dc fire trees

Think again – Corporate conglomerate societies have infiltrated the US medical industrial complex.

WARNING: The herbicide Glyphosate used in GMO Foods depletes many essential co-factors needed for Methylation and may be a risk factor in vaccine injuries. Avoid all commercial wheat products.…

The global elite are now losing their ability to maintain control as many brave hero’s have given there life’s to the expose these dark hidden realities. The elite bloodlines are just another pawn in the Cabal artificial intelligence beast system that has enslaved humanity.

Please take the time and research the true history be-hide the Masquerade.

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