We are the result of an amazing crazy worked out thing we call life.

Al-Khalili rounds up the extremely new, extremely strange world of quantum biology, … Google More for Intelligence  on a Targeted Individual   TI or AI  quantum spying  info   tv test pattern1  Mock up of what a 1950s TV broadcasting test pattern would look like. Photo Alvin Armstrong, CBC Vancouver still photograph collection

for thinking  …


…..   we won’t even know what is going on.

Instead of drugs to get us to reveal our secrets, they now want to download our memories and examine them on a
computer! They might even be able to remove our memories completely or replace them with someone else’s memories or false ones!

You know those strange craft that have been spotted in our skies? The ones that we are unsure of what they are and whose they are?…  info and photos of ones you’ve never seen and have no idea of what they are. buddy here is gonna tell  ya ………………….. and he don’t care if DARPA gets mad .

Now you’ve heard about the NSA and their spying on us that has been supposedly limited by Congress, I’ll now tell you the truth about what they are up to and what they are doing to you now and how they really have control over your computer! Not only spying on everything that you do, but damaging your computer if you use software that they don’t like! They have even claimed that they can easily kill you remotely! and stuff like that…    awesome picture of the reality chem sheep

The government claims that UFOs and aliens do not exist and go out of their way to make fun of anyone that claims they are real or claims to have seen one. But of you have taken a photo of one, after they brand you as a kook, there’s a good chance that the Men in Black will show up at your door demanding your evidence.

But the government’s own actions prove unequivocally that UFOs and aliens are real, let me show you:

1. If they don’t exist why does the government work so hard to prove that they don’t exist?

2. According to documents: They consider that “Any encounter with entities known to be of extraterrestrial origin is to be considered to be a matter of national security and therefore classified TOP SECRET.”

power is love

3. Government documents claim that “Under no circumstances is the general public or the public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatures do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is now engaged in any study of extraterrestrials or their artifacts. Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden.”

4. Penalties for disclosing classified information concerning extraterrestrials are quite severe.

5. Anyone involved in a “UFO close encounter” would become eligible for indefinite quarantine under armed guard. (And there are laws governing this that have been established by NASA.)

6. In December 1953, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued Army-Navy-Air Force publication 146 that made the unauthorized release of information concerning UFOs a crime under the Espionage Act, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. (This draconian penalty is what prevents most former military servicemen from coming forward to disclose information.)

so … B -strong

lions gateway  888 lc tagJust follow what you know is right and what you truly desire, follow the light. All of us came from light and light will always prevail..
our flesh is the mediator of the Father (Conciousness )….to serve God is to serve Humanity…..our Earth…Animals. …take care of our home…Not worship fallen angles and gods that destroy humanity through religions….We Are God…
When you stand in front of Jesus you gonna wish you drunk his Wine … since you  may think it’s joke…. but  when you’re name not found in the 📖 of life and they deliver you to the entities that you were communicating with….

You may have a problem and need to rethink  Your Medicine .Dr. Bombay says it's for medicinal purposes. dope fun


By worshiping an image or idol of the Antichrist, people will also be worshiping the demon inhabiting the object.

The demon inside the image (or idol of the beast) will be greatly limited by the entity they will inhabit. They will only be able to communicate. They will be unable to see, hear, or walk. Nevertheless, the images will have the ability to kill those do not worship the image of the beast.pot Shirt dope


Here Are Seven Strategies The Devil Uses:

1STEALTH: As stated above, what the devil does not want you to know is that he exists. If God is the great “I AM”, Satan is the great “I AM NOT”! But Jesus, Paul, Peter and all the New Testament writers knew that demons exist, and they strongly warned us to be on guard and not fall into the devil’s traps.

2IGNORANCE: Whether you know demons exist or not, what the devil does not want you to know about is the incredible power of God’s Word and the awesome benefits of doing God’s will in things like Scripture memory.

3ANESTHESIA: If somehow you throw off your ignorance of God’s Word and begin to read it, the Devil wants to keep you “anesthetized” such that you read the words–but they might as well be written in a foreign language. They have no meaning. The Gospel is veiled, and you are in danger of perishing. (See 2 Corinthians 4:3~4)

4UNBELIEF: If they fail to keep the truth from you, their next strategy is to keep you from taking these truths seriously. What the devil does not want you to know here is they plant thoughts of unbelief in your mind. They try to get you to think that doing things like Scripture memory are really not important…other things are much more important. They try to get you to doubt that God exists or doubt the accuracy of the Bible.

5DISTRACTION: If you are still determined to believe and press on, what the devil does not want you to know here is that they will work to distract you. You’ll feel hungry; you’ll feel tired; you’ll think about your grocery list or your to-do list; someone will call; you’ll feel inclined to spend hours surfing the internet, etc.

6DOUBT: Another thing very high on the list of things the Devil does not want you to know is that he will try to make you doubt such things as the very authenticity of the Bible. This despite that fact that Proverbs 30:5 says, “Every Word of God proves true…”. He wants you to doubt that Jesus said, “It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one tittle (small grammatical mark) of the law (the Bible) to fail.” (Luke 16:17). The devil even wants you to doubt that you could ever do such an audacious thing as to memorize even one verse of Scripture!

7OUTRIGHT LIES: See John 8:44 (Scripture photo at the top.) What the devil does not want you to know is that EVERYTHING he says is a lie. Oh, he’ll tell half-truths, mixing a little bit if truth with a lot of untruth. But those statements are like a pan of chocolate brownies… with dog poop baked into them! You would NEVER eat that if you knew what was in it! Neither should you “eat” the words of the Devil.  http://wordblessings.com/what-the-devil-does-not-want-you-to-know/

I can break it down for you if you want me to…

….the entities you talking to is the same ones you are talking to now there wolves in sheep 🐑 clothing
free to learn hacked
Awakening itself is realizing you are not your stories, not your thoughts, but you are the consciousness in which stories and thoughts—in which all existence—arises. The beginning of awakening is learning the real truth about the nature of the mind and spirit.  Knowledge help

It is the mind that is giving you limitations, it is the mind that makes you feel empty, it is the mental prison which is the core of all the suffering. Learning the truth about the mind and life in general is the key to overcoming the mental prison permantly and the beginning of awakening. Google on the earth and read the resent stuff   ….

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