The Meaning of silly stuff

The true civilization of love, peace, harmony and abundance awaits heart love

IQ doesn’t mean shit. Yes you’re “smart”, but if you don’t have the drive to use that intelligence, you might as well have an IQ just above room temperatureSometimes... you just need to be a little silly

Be strong where the other is weak. Support. Teach. Live. Laugh. Love. EVOLVE!

I think it will be a process for the rest of my life, to finish learning guitar bb king

specifically for those who have the eyes to see, the ears to hear … and who are now ready to participate in bringing about the changes that WE ALL KNOW we need to see!   🙂water consciousness earth life awake tag
For ALL humankind—for there to be permanent and significant change on your planet.
Your world, and the condition it is in, is a reflection of the total, combined consciousness of everyone living there.

canada stands as a model of how people of different cultures can live and work together in peace, prosperity, and mutual respect
As you can see by looking around you, much work is left to be done. Unless of course, you are satisfied with your world as it is.We are moving into a new frequency, a new dimension where it is going to be the New Earth eagle

It usually isn’t what you have, where you are, or what you’ve been through that makes you happy or unhappy, it’s how you think about it all.

power is love

With happiness you can  experience change,  freedom, love And health Als Forcitia Bush with A-Plus Gardening love

And just let it Grow


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